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Friday, July 13, 2012

More Babies

I went out to the barn last Thursday to hear that familar cry of a newborn kitten. Since our tom cat died this spring, there haven't been any kittens in the barn. A new tom visits often now and sure enough a lone kitten arrived. I have one cat that regularly abandons her kittens and that is just what happened in this case. I showed the kitten to her, but she turned and ran. I asked my husband if we should save it or not, and after his initial "What do we need another cat for ?" tirade, he said save it. He is a big softie on the inside. Of course after a few days of bottle feeding the little guy came around nicely and is now living with a friend's
family where he will have other cats to play with and much love and attention from three animal loving children. Lucky day for all involved.


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