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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Scenes

This has been a very long and very cold winter and I am not going to be sad to see it go. To be honest, I have enjoyed the snow. Anything is better than tramping through mud and I know there will be lots of spring moisture to grow grass for my animals: it's just that I had become a bit spoiled by all the warm winters that we have been having. This was a winter of my childhood. A lot of bugs
will be reduced come summer because of all the snow and cold and my animals have stayed healthy and dry. I did lose a couple of rams this winter. One to an infection and one to old age, but the rest have done amazingly well. Shearing time is just around the corner and is my harvest time. No lambs this year. I knew my husband would be out of commission for a while and one of my pastures was completely destroyed when we installed a geothermal furnace, so I took a break. It is sunny and warm outside today so I have posted some winter shots. It will take a while for the 4 feet of snow to melt and by then spring will be upon us. Enjoy the pics.


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