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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shearing Day

Finally the day I dread and look forward to all year has come and gone...shearing day. This year I was very pleased, as the fleeces were superb, especially the fleeces from my lambs out of Baxter. I always worry that the fleeces may not live up to my expectations (the dread part) and that a whole year's work will be lost, but as usual my fear was all for nothing. Karen and her dad, John, again did an excellent job shearing and the fact that they are great to work with as well makes the day go smoothly. My husband does a fantastic job getting the barn set up and catches the sheep, leaving me to skirt and pack the fleeces as they come off the sheep, making it easier for me to get the fleeces ready for the mill. This year my friend and fellow spinner and knitter, Sherrie, came and helped with the skirting which made things easier on my end. I can't wait for the rovings. I am having some of them blended with silk and this should make an interesting yarn. Enjoy some of the pictures from last Friday.


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