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Monday, March 14, 2011

When Will it All End

Just when you think it couldn't possibley snow or rain anymore it has.  We had a few very wet and rainy days, only to have a blizzard of a snowstorm right after to cover up all the mud and water.  Everything has frozen and turned to ice under the snow and of course it is just going to melt all over again.  March has certainly roared in like a lion and I can't wait until the lamb appears.  The kids are on March break this week and it looks as if they will have some decent weather and puddles to splash in.  I was taking my granddaughter home the other night and I don't think she missed stepping in one puddle.  To be a kid again and not to care about getting wet.  Kids have a way of reminding you to just have fun and I let her splash through each and every puddle.  Have a good day.


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