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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Lamb Today

I went out this morning to find that my last shetland lamb had been born, a ram, and that he had been stolen by another ewe.  Gil hadn't  told me until an hour after and that a white ewe was nursing a lamb.  I said don't you mean grey?  He said maybe.  I should have gone out then because it was the grey one who lambed.  Oh well, he is in with his mom and will nurse from her with me holding her, so I will give them today to bond, if not it is the bottle.  I don't have any photos of him yet but I do of my last shetland ram lamb and my twin bfl cross lambs.  Only three ewe lambs this year, the rest boys.  All the boys are for sale and are nice and healthy, so contact me if you're interested.  Enjoy the pics.  I will be at the conferece, Back to Woodstock this Friday and Saturday and the vendors' room is open to the public on Saturday, so pop on by if you have time.  Gil will have his socks and some rovings at the Gathering in Port Hope this Saturday, so stop in if you are near.  It runs from 10-3.


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