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Monday, August 22, 2011

When a Tree Falls...

Last Thursday we had a heck of a violent, but short, thunderstorm in our area.  Lots of very needed rain and tons of lightening.  I had just finished turning off and unplugging all the appliances, as the lightening was just overhead, when a loud crack and fireball happened at the back of the house and tree bark was flying everywhere.  Fortunately the lightening missed the house by 3 feet or so, but the lovely locust tree took a direct hit , splitting it in half from top to bottom.  It didn't topple over until Saturday when we had another, milder storm.  My clothesline melted and my whole electric fence system seems to be knocked out as well.  The energizer wasn't plugged in, for whatever reason, so it must have taken a hit through the ground system.  Who knows?  Anyway none of the animals were hurt and that's the main thing.


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