N-Ewes from Hopeful Shetlands

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Look How They Grow

I can't believe how quickly my BFL/Shetland cross lambs are growing.  They have doubled in size and are eating hay and creep already.  One guy unfortunately  has split his ear and lost his tag, but doesn't seemed to be bothered by it at all.  I only had one shetland ewe lamb born this year and she is a stunner.  It is nice that she ended up a bottle lamb as she will be very friendly.  My last lamb  is also a bottle baby, but only part-time.  His mom has decided that she likes him  after all and allows him to nurse.  However she is a little short of milk from not nursing for so long, that he needs a supplement.  It has been raining so much here that our fields are flooded and I haven't been able to let anyone out yet.  Hopefully the field will be almost worm free by the time the girls do get out.  A new load of hay came on the weekend, so they are set for a while.  Enjoy the pics.


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