N-Ewes from Hopeful Shetlands

Monday, October 31, 2011

New Sheep

I have been out doing some sheep shopping:one of my favourite pastimes. Windblest Farm has supplied me with a beautiful BFL ewe lamb to replace my Isabelle, who died of a heart condition last winter. This girl is growing well and is already coming up for chin scratches. River Glen farm, near Ottawa, has sold me a nice little BFL/shetland cross ram lamb. Owen is on the tiny side so I am going to let him grow and ue him for breeding next year. He has a lovely thick coat. Bill ,from Willowgarden shetlands brought me a lovely little white shetland ewe lamb. Windy is growing nicely and has a finely crimped coat that Bill's sheep are so well known

I am not breeding her this year and will let her grow. Enjoy the pics.


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