N-Ewes from Hopeful Shetlands

Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring Shows are Starting

My favourite time of the year is starting: springtime. Although I am not expecting any lambs this year, after two lamb crops last year, I am still anticipating getting my wool back from being processed into rovings. I will go down to Heather's place this Friday to pick up the rovings. This year I have had some of my black rovings blended with coloured silk and I can't wait to see how they have turned out. Gil and I have just returned from a successful sale at Knitters' Frolic in Toronto, where my new scarf pattern was well received. In two weeks I will be at Brock University for a spinning and weaving seminar and I will have lots of rovings and fleeces for sale. My girls are slowly getting out on pasture and Feykir is growing well. He and Charley can't wait to try their hands at sheep herding. Both are showing great potential and I will be starting their formal training soon. Trix is a great help moving the sheep off the grass and back into pens and is indispensable . Patrickm my tiny ram lamb has gone to a good pet home and will have a couple of goats and a jacob wether for company. All in all it was a good weekend.