N-Ewes from Hopeful Shetlands

Friday, July 17, 2009


Every once in a while nature throws us a curve and this year it was a BFL cross ewe lamb, Annabelle. I have never had a sheep born with an undershot jaw, so I am putting it down to the ram, the cross, or just one of those things. We named her Pugs, because she reminded me of a pug dog, with her rather mashed up face and sniffly respirations. Her twin is fine and it was a vet delivery, so decision was if she could survive I would keep her and try to find her a home. That home came to be at a friend of mine's house. Catherine brought her kids over to see the lambs and they thought that this little ewe needed a special home because she was special. When Annabelle's mom stopped feeding her , due to those sharp protruding teeth, the Stark family came to the rescue. Their kids gave her a much nicer name, and she is now part of the family. Whether out running with her kids or napping with her friend, Norman, she is now a happy little lamb.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chicken Tractor

I wanted to be able to let my layers outside in a safe spot and also be able to collect eggs easily, so my husband built me a chicken tractor. It isn't quite finished. He has to add a coop part to the back, but my wyandotte chicks are outside getting fresh air and sunshine and are tilling up my raised beds for me in the mean time. I have lots of BFL cross Shetland lambs for sale as well. I have greys, browns and blacks, both ram lambs and ewe lambs. All are healthy and ready to go by the end of August. They would be a great addition to a spinning flock, or if you want to have a few meat lambs. Cheers

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sheep Shots

Where does the time go? I ask myself that over and over again. Last weekend Avery couldn't crawl and this week she can crawl and walk around the furniture. Time never stands still. My lambs are growing and getting big on abundant pasture. When I look out in the field, I am amazed at the sheer number of lambs and how much they are changing. It is almost time for my shetland boys to say good-bye to their moms and head off to the ram side of the fence. Enjoy the pics.