N-Ewes from Hopeful Shetlands

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas From Hopeful Shetlands

Just a little note to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  As our children continue to grow and have their own lives our christmas traditions are begining to change.  Glad as I am for them, I still get a little nostalgic for the old days when they were young and so excited about the holidays.  Thank goodness for grandchildren, who give us a reason to decorate, bake and get excited again.  They are eager to learn all about the birth of Jesus and how Santa manages to deliver their gifts while they are at church every year. Grandma is my favourite word in the english language, next to mom, of course.  Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Winter Weather

I should never have said anything about how lucky we were not to have had much snow.  Today is the first day that it hasn't snowed all week.  We are in a mini thaw today. just in time to get ready for the next dumping of snow.  The animals love it, especially the dogs.  Nick rarely looks for shelter and is right at home in a drift.  Gil and I have been busy knitting and spinning inside while it blows outside.  I like that the best about winter :  the dark evenings that are just perfect for staying in and doing hobbies.  Enjoy the pics

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

First Real Snow of 2010

Well after the rain, resulting in a pasture full of puddles and mud, yesterday turned into a winter wonderland.  Thankfully we received a decent amount of snow, unlike London to the west of us.  The dogs couldn't be happier.  They have dry paws and noses to the wind.  There is always something to bark at and a snowdrift to tunnel through, just because they can.  The sheep are much happier as well.  Their outer coats are frozen, but the lower layers of  wool are dry, keeping them toasty warm.  They have lots of hay to eat and snowdrifts to hide in.  I am hoping that the winds will die down a bit and that this snow will last until Christmas.  Enjoy the pics.