N-Ewes from Hopeful Shetlands

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Lamb Shots

Just when I think lambing is over, more lambs appear.  We could actually be lambing until July 15th, but I hope not.  Several of my older ewes that I hoped hadn't been bred, unfortunately were.  The day after our Kingston trip we lost Hopeful Nibs.  I found her cast in the morning.  She had bad hips and must have fallen down a slight incline in the night, because she was fine at 9pm.  Her month old lamb is doing very well however.  The next day Cinnamon singled and for once she is being a very good mother.  Sadie lambed a day or so after.  She had twins, but one was caught in the sac and died but her other ewe lambs, at 2 pounds, was doing well and Sadie was a very proud and attentive mom.  However at 12 years of age, it must have been too much for her and she died a day later,  She was one of my favourite ewes and had quite an attitude.  Her daughter has inherited her spirit and flollows us everywhere.  For Tanya, I have some photos of our two new bfl crosses, both ewe lambs and more of the moorit crosses.  Enjoy the pics

Welcome Isabelle

While up in Kingston for the Hanspinners Seminar, we made a detour north and picked up a lovely blue faced leicester ewe lamb that we named Isabelle.  We had a farm tour by Bryan and Janice Lever, who sold us this beauty.  They have some very nice sheep and a lovely property overlooking the water.  Isabelle has settled in nicely and is part of the flock now.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Spring is Almost Over

Last Friday I thought my last lamb had been born only to go out Monday morning to a new ram lamb. So I'm not so sure if spring lambing is quite over or not. This mom didn't look pregnant so more could be and I won't know until the event happens. The hummingbirds are keeping us busy refilling their feeders every couple of days now. We have had three birds coming for about five years, but there are about eight to ten birds now, battling for the sugar water. We have had to put another feeder out at the back of the house just to lessen the fighting.Bill dropped by the other day and brought my ameracuana chicks to me. They are absolutely beautiful birds. There are a couple of cuckoo morans and welsummers in the bunch as well. We put them in the barn only to loose one to a mink. They are now safe outside in the chicken tractor living more like a chicken should anyway. Enjoy the pics.