N-Ewes from Hopeful Shetlands

Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Lambs

Last night I had my first purebred shetland lamb born : a lovely moorit ewe out of my Karen and Bill's Holiday. I had to help as she was wedged in pretty tight, but all worked out in the end and she is beautiful. I'll have photos of her soon. My little romney shetland cross had a snowy white ewe lamb a couple of days ago and she has the furnishings on her legs like a romney and is built very squarely as well. The Gathering in Port Hope, was a much more relaxed affair than last year and was a great start to the show season. Everyone came with their spinning wheels and had a spin in. Gil and I had fun visiting with the other vendors and customers and seeing what new products were available this year.Of course I did a little shopping. I really enjoy seeing what people have made with wool that they had purchaed from me. Barb brought a lovely black sweater that she had spun and knit from my ram, Gallagher. It was nice to see. I am exhausted from work, so I will end with my usual photos and then off to bed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lambing Has Begun

Well as usual, my breeding programme has been usurped by the sheeps' breeding ideas and I have ended up with some lovely shetland BFL cross lambs that I wasn't expecting. On April 9th Butterscotch, had a little ram and ewe lamb. Something was not right with the ewe so I ended up putting her down. The ram is perfectly fine. On April 12th, we went out to find another set of twins, a white ewe lamb and a grey katmoget marked ram lamb and later that night another brown speckled ram lamb. All are doing well and up to all their amusing lamb antics. It looks as if most of the flock is bred so I will have some crossbred lambs for sale this fall if anyone is interested. I expect them to be the size of shetlands, as they are 75% shetland and 25% BfL. Enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Show Time

It must be spring as the birds are nesting, my sheep and their udders are bursting at the seams, my little grandaughter has been wearing sandles and my wool is at the mill being processed into wonderful rovings. Also the show schedule for us is starting. I will be at The Gathering in Port Hope April 17th from 8:30 to 4. The location is 62 McCaul St, Port Hope. I had a great time there last year and will again this year, I am sure. Then on May 8th, I am again going to be a vendor at Knitters' Frolic, at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto. I can't wait to get going. Yesterday it was so warm outside my husband and I went to Port Burwell for a walk along the beach. Enjoy the pics.