N-Ewes from Hopeful Shetlands

Thursday, December 27, 2007

End of Autumn

We are now officially into winter: Christmas is a pleasant memory and I am enjoying all of the lovely snow we have this year. Even though the temperatures have been mild the snow is lasting and the water still works in the barn: life is good. The sheep are loving snow, as opposed to the mud from last year, and the dogs think its the best. I received a majacraft Rose spinning wheel for christmas from my hubby and can't wait to get spinning. I purchased it from Laurie of the Lavender Fleece and she also sent a pound of her lovely icelandic roving with it. I think I might blend some with my angora and spin the wool for a poncho or shawl. Enjoy the photos and all the best in 2008.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spun Yarn

Months ago, Bill asked me if I could possibly knit a lace blanket for him from his shetland yarn. At the time I was unable to do so so, but Jean from Huntsville, who grew up in the Shetland Isles was able to do it for him and a photo of the blanket is here. It took a long time to knit, as it is done in sections, but is made in such a way that there are no seams or sewing together of the pieces. I think it turned out beautifully and will be given to Bill shortly. It is a dull rainy day here, and the 6-8 inches of snow recieved a week ago is gradully fading away to slush. The last group of sheep to be bred are in the barn now with Duncan and all that is left to do is wait for spring and the little ones. What a change for me, I actually planned lambs this year, instead of all the surprises that I have gotten over the last two years. Could this possibly mean that I am getting organized? One can only hope.